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Jessica Martínez

Stephen Joel Strachtenberg


Catholic Church Losing Its Share of Hispanics
by Frank DiMaria
The Christian era began in the New World in 1492. Catholic priests arrived in the Americas with the first explorers and conquistadors and aggressively converted millions of Native Americans to the Catholic Church. These Spanish priests introduced a new moral code, which all but put an end to human sacrifice and cannibalism. click here

The Derailment of University Presidents
by Sylvia Mendoza
When more than 50 university presidents were fired, resigned, or retired in the span of one year, from 2009-10, Dr. Stephen Trachtenberg and his colleague, Gerald Kauvar, took notice of a disturbing trend. “College presidents were being dismissed or voted no confidence and stepping down before the ink was dry on their contracts,” says Trachtenberg. “We started to keep track.” click here

The Domino Effect in Higher Education's Leadership
by  Michelle Adam
When Dennis Barden attended university almost 40 years ago, he recalled paying $4,000 a year for his education compared to what now costs more than $40,000. It’s quite a change in price tag – a change that has greatly impacted the way higher education is managed and run these days. As education has become more expensive, our students and country-at-large are holding institutions to higher expectations, and are requiring much more than ever before from their leaders.

Initiatives Offer Promising Pathways to Four-Year Colleges
by Marilyn Gilroy
A new initiative in East Los Angeles, where the majority of residents are Latino, is offering a plan to foster long-term educational and career success for East L.A. students. “GO East LA: A Pathway for College and Career Success,” is a partnership between East Los Angeles College (ELAC), California State University, Los Angeles, and the Los Angeles Unified School District. It is designed to develop a college-going culture in an area that has been plagued with poverty and crime. GO East LA will offer local high school students and ELAC students, who meet minimum requirements for enrollment and transfer, guaranteed admittance at Cal State L.A. and ELAC. The program will start with Garfield High School and include three middle schools which are all in East Los Angeles. Eventually the program will reach out to younger students in elementary schools to encourage them to think early in life about college.

Talking About Social Class Reduces College Achievement Gap
by Angela Provitera McGlynn
Are Latino students making progressive strides in academic achievement in the K-12 sector? Are they better prepared today for college level work than former studies have shown? Are they graduating from college at higher rates? In other words, is our educational system closing the white-Latino achievement gaps in academic success?

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