The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education (HO) is a national monthly magazine rooted in serving the unique needs of the Hispanic community in higher education. HO provides a pipeline delivering nationwide news about multicultural accomplishments and challenges in college classrooms. The publication serves a diverse audience offering editorial coverage about high-profile events, trends, and facts and figures – compiled by a network of accomplished Hispanic and non-Hispanic writers – that impact the country’s higher learning institutions. The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education has an elite circulation reaching a large audience of minorities.

Hispanic Outlook Magazine maintains high quality control standards and a strict privacy policy on our databases. HO is a member of NAHP, HERC, NAHJ, NCCHC, ACE and AAHHE.


When you are ready to fill a faculty or administrative position, HO readers are the audience you want to reach with your job announcement. Our subscribers and readers are part of the growing majority in higher education. Additionally, all ads placed in the magazine are also placed on HOWebsite under “Employment & Other Opportunities” for six weeks, free of charge, giving you unlimited exposure for your ad. HO also has web only package availability, and single web postings for those immediate needs.

a proven track record of success:

The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education magazine is the only magazine with a 25-year track record of providing illuminating, enlightening and inspirational information and resources that focus like a laser beam on Hispanics in higher education. HO continues to expand its outreach in providing education news, innovations, networking, resources and the latest trends impacting students from community college through graduate school while maintaining a unique Hispanic perspective. We are the only publisher that makes it our business to exclusively cover the entire Hispanic higher education experience. 


Political Beat – Monthly political commentary from our Washington Reporter on current events.

Targeting Higher Education– Ongoing articles from our board member covering prevalent issues or concerns.

Uncensored – Monthly column of short comments concerning ongoing issues, be it “pro or con ” from our Washington correspondent.


During the year, HO has theme issues that place particular emphasis on specialized topics with in-depth detail. Each theme issue includes articles on topics as they relate to the Financing a College Education Issue, Women in Higher Education, Community College Issue, Graduate School Issue, Top 100 Issue, Health Professions Issue, Arts Issue, Hispanic Heritage Issue, and Law School Issue.

The Hispanic Outlook Magazine
The Hispanic Outlook Magazine
The Hispanic Outlook Magazine