Clinton’s “New College Compact” Raises Bar, Editorials Praise

Hillary Clinton recently unveiled the “New College Compact”, a comprehensive plan to confront the student debt crisis and bend the cost curve in higher education.

In a front page story, the New York Times writes that:

“Mrs. Clinton’s ambitious, expansive $350 billion plan to reduce debt in higher education has opened a new front in the presidential campaign. It has put pressure on her opponents as she has made a centerpiece of her agenda an issue that resonates across classes, party lines and generations.”

The plan keeps picking up momentum. Editorial boards across the country have been praising the details of the plan that will ensure cost won’t be a barrier for student parents and debt won’t hold them back.

college debt crisis

See for yourself:

News and Observer Editorial: “The plan takes on an urgent problem that state and federal lawmakers have failed to address, though President Obama has made progress against it through executive orders.” [News and Observer, 8/15/15]

Star Ledger Editorial: “Clinton affordable education plan deserves attention from voters and rivals” [Star Ledger, 8/15/15]

Tampa Bay Times Editorial: “Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton, for example, has floated a plan to cut student debt, including the intriguing proposal that would give colleges some skin in the game by requiring them to pay off some student loans if the students default. […] More Republican presidential candidates should offer their own proposals for making higher education more affordable rather than simply criticizing Clinton's proposal.” [Tampa Bay Times, 8/14/15]

Los Angeles Daily News Editorial: “Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton last week became the latest presidential candidate to offer a plan to trim college costs. It’s serious stuff.” [LA Daily News, 8/14/15]

Kansas City Star Editorial: “Hillary Clinton hits the right notes with college affordability plan” [KC Star, 8/12/15]

San Jose Mercury News Editorial: “Hillary Rodham Clinton's sweeping proposal to make college tuition more affordable is a good starting point for a national discussion on the topic. but give the Democratic front-runner credit for offering a serious plan to tackle one of the biggest challenges for American families today.” [San Jose Mercury News, 8/12/15]

MetroWest Daily News Editorial: If it makes sense for the government to help young people pay for college - and it does- then it also makes sense for the government to help them pay it back. On Monday, Hillary Clinton endorsed an idea that would improve both sides of this bargain. [MetroWest Daily News, 8/11/15]

San Francisco Chronicle Editorial: “We appreciate the emphasis on community colleges, since they’re the least expensive, most efficient option for many students. And some of Clinton’s ideas — including the special grants for campuses with childcare programs — are wise nods to the reality of America’s increasingly older and more diverse student population.” [SF Chronicle, 8/11/15]

Bloomberg View Editorial: “Clinton's College Plan Pays It Forward” [Bloomberg View, 8/11/15]

New York Times Editorial: “On Monday, Hillary Rodham Clinton, the Democratic front-runner, released an ambitious proposal that aims to help students at public four-year colleges graduate without incurring any debt for tuition.” […] Mrs. Clinton’s plan aims to reduce college costs for students by giving federal grants to states and colleges and by allowing borrowers to refinance their student loans at lower interest rates.” [NY Times, 8/10/15]

You can read other reaction to the “New College Compact” here.