Pratt Institute Announces K-12 Center to Provide Arts Education to Community

Center for Art, Design, and Community Engagement K-12 seeks to increase access to instruction in art and design for children and teens

NEW YORK, N.Y., August 3, 2016 – Pratt Institute, a renowned New York City-based college that educates creative thinkers from around the world, has publicly announced its Center for Art, Design, and Community Engagement K-12. The Center’s mission is to provide access to instruction in art and design to New York City’s youth by leveraging Pratt’s resources and expertise. The various programs offered by the Center prepare children and adolescents for higher education by engaging them in studios in art, design, and related fields taught by Pratt’s skilled faculty, staff, and students.

“One of the challenges the community has been facing over the past few years is a reduction in funding for art and design education,” said Pratt Institute Provost Kirk E. Pillow. “We want to make sure we’re providing our children and the community with access to excellent education in the creative fields.”

Aileen Wilson, professor and director of the Center added, “There has recently been a great deal of interest in K-12 art and design education within the Pratt community, so we’re very excited to bring the Center to fruition. Through our programs, students are given access to Pratt’s accomplished faculty in the fields of art, design, architecture, and other disciplines. Students learn through studio-based courses, the same pedagogical approach used with Pratt undergraduate and graduate students.”

By providing the Center’s students with a slice of college life, the curriculum introduces and engages them to use Pratt’s studios, facilities, and equipment. The early interaction is a key opportunity to develop critical thinking skills, demonstrate inventiveness, and cultivate self-confidence.

Another goal of the program is to positively impact the education of Pratt’s undergraduate and graduate students. It provides them with the opportunity to teach classes and apply the skills that they are studying at Pratt. The experience also enables Pratt’s students to give back to the community. Pratt Institute’s Saturday Art School, for example, is a teaching and learning laboratory that offers classes mainly taught by art and design education students who are working towards their initial teacher certification in visual arts. These classes, which are supervised by Pratt faculty, provide a distinctive opportunity for both Pratt’s students and the participants in the program.

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