West Virginia State University Sues Dow For Polluting Campus

INSTITUTE, W.Va. – West Virginia State University announced it will sue The Dow Chemical Company (Dow) for contaminating the groundwater under the University’s campus. The lawsuit concerns three hazardous chemicals that have migrated into the groundwater beneath the University from Dow's Institute plant. Several other companies that have or had operations at the Institute plant are also named as defendants.

The contamination does not pose a current health risk to anyone on campus. Extensive testing has shown that the Dow contaminants have been introduced through groundwater, which is not used on campus, and pose no health risk in any area where people would be exposed to them. Outside experts have concluded that the available evidence does not indicate a threat to human health from these contaminants, and the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection agree. 

“Although the contaminants under our campus pose no current health risk, Dow still must be held accountable for the damage it has done to our property and reputation,” said University President Anthony L. Jenkins. “Dow must restore our campus to the condition it was in before this contamination and help us address the harm this will do to our image locally and nationally. Dow also must compensate us for the loss of use of our property. We are reluctant to resort to litigation, but Dow has left us no choice.”

More information about the lawsuit and the Dow contamination is available at www.baileyglasser.com/wvsu. The University also has established an information hotline for students and their families as well as faculty and staff: 304-720-3737. 

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