Shortage of Hispanic Doctors Even As Population Grows

the hispanic outlook in higher education magazine july 2016

WASHINGTON -- As the diverse health needs of the Hispanic population grow, so does the need for doctors who can understand them. ConsejoSano participated at the 20th National Hispanic Medical Association Conference addressing the shortage of doctors with the language skills and cultural familiarity needed to serve the Hispanic population.
ConsejoSano is the only telehealth platform that connects Hispanics to native Spanish speaking doctors to help with general medical issues, emotional or stress support, as well as nutrition and chronic disease management for issues like diabetes and obesity. They’re on a mission to remove the number one cause of healthcare disparities for Hispanics and help them live healthier lives.
According to a UCLA study, Hispanics make up for 4.8 percent of all physicians in California while making up 30.4 percent of the state’s population; the same study projected that the number of Latino physicians in California would decrease six percent by 2020. The U.S. is currently the second largest Spanish speaking country in the world but by 2050 will be the largest. The Hispanic population will continue to grow in the U.S. while the number of Spanish speaking physicians is expected to decrease.
“As the diverse health needs of the Hispanic population grow, we seek to help them navigate the often confusing healthcare system and find high quality care,” said Alfredo Ratniewski, Chief Medical Officer at ConsejoSano.
ConsejoSano sees a big emerging Spanish-speaking healthcare market that is currently underserved as many Hispanics disengage from the healthcare system altogether because of language and cultural barriers.
“It is very concerning that a growing population may not have the ability to find physicians who can provide language and culturally relevant care,” said Abner Mason, CEO of ConsejoSano. “I am very honored to be part of the 20th National Hispanic Medical Association Conference addressing the urgent need for high quality care for the Latino population.”
ConsejoSano aims to reduce costs, increase engagement and simplify care with its Hispanic health platform. ConsejoSano’s telehealth service is offered via phone or mobile apps with doctors available 24/7. They also offer text message based behavior change programs; unlimited access to health information in the apps; and on ConsejoSano TV, their YouTube based health and wellness channel. 
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