AACN Partners with HealthyHispanicLiving.com New Career Center

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA -- An example of how the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) is continuing to work to promote Hispanic nursing careers is through their new partnership with HealthyHispanicLiving.com (HHL). They recognize that in today’s health care job market less than five percent of nurses identify as “Hispanic.” Yet, Hispanics and Latinos make up more than 17 percent of the U.S. population. As the American populace grows increasingly Hispanic, Latinos remain significantly underrepresented across many health care job categories.

To help close the gap and provide the “cultural competence” that organizations will increasingly need to succeed, HealthyHispanicLiving.com (HHL) designed an online one-stop Career Center site where visitors can search thousands of health care jobs – and showcase top health care companies looking for Latino talent. 

HHL is proud to announce the AACN as the latest organization to partner with the career hub. Representing more than 800 schools on nursing nationwide, AACN is the collective voice for academic nursing, serving as the catalyst for excellence and innovation in related education, research and practice. The national association based in Washington, D.C. is also a primary advocate for advancing diversity and inclusion within academic nursing.

“Preparing a culturally diverse nursing workforce is essential to meeting the health care needs of the nation,” said Dr. Deborah Trautman, AACN president and CEO. “To better meet this goal, AACN is partnering with HealthHispanicLiving.com to help stimulate interest in nursing careers within the Latino community by providing career information and professional development opportunities to graduate nursing students and future leaders of the profession.”

Contributions by the nursing community can be enhanced when health care workers are sensitive to the cultural needs and values of those they serve. 


Custom Portal with Tools to Attract Top Talent

Unlike typical job listing services, the HHL Career Center provides health care companies and organizations with an online portal that allows job seekers looking specifically for medical and health opportunities to search thousands of positions across the nation. The portal is branded to each health care organization partner and provides tools to showcase the organization’s values to help attract talent. 

By visiting the AACN portal, job seekers can learn more about nursing education and cultural competence. They can understand more about the organization’s values and how those values align with their own. 

Users can also interact with AACN volunteer mentors at the microsite portal. They can view videos on each mentor’s page, as well, and e-mail these leaders directly to start the conversation. Likewise, they can ask questions about specific job postings, giving organizations an easy way to interact with talent in real time, if desired. Visitors may apply for positions with a few clicks. 

To learn more about AACN and related job posts, visit the AACN microsite. Health care organizations interested in learning more about partnering with the Healthy Hispanic Living Career Center hub should call 949-842-6204.