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Administration December 2023

Lester Rápalo: In the Business of Changing Lives

Dr. Lester Edgardo Sandres Rápalo, the first Latino and Honduran president of Rockland Community College, is pleased with a 6% increase in enrollment, However, he yearns for more and prioritizes boosting enrollment, addressing facility constraints, and pursuing national recognition like the Aspen Prize.

Administration December 2023

News From Washington December 2023

The Biden administration’s efforts with regard to student loan forgiveness face challenges due to issues like fraud management, leading to disapproval by the Supreme Court. Additionally, a significant rise in international students, especially from China and India, raises concerns about the impact on U.S. colleges and students, including financial reliance and potential issues related to diversity, intellectual property, and immigration.

Administration December 2023

From Campus to Community: Latinx Students’ Commitment to Giving Back

As Latino students, driven by a desire to give back, seek opportunities for positive change in their communities, educational institutions should recognize and support this commitment by creating validating spaces, offering internship opportunities aligned with service, and providing financial support for conferences to foster connections and mentorship.

Hispanic Community December 2023

Why did the Supreme Court Exempt Military Academies?

The Supreme Court’s decision barring the use of race in college admissions triggered a nationwide decline in minority enrollments. However, a footnote exempts military academies, citing “potentially distinct interests” crucial for national security. The Department of Defense has argued that diversity is vital for a strong, effective military, although critics question the exemption’s rationale.