Latino Media Collaborative: Spearheading the Future of Latino Journalism

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The Latino Media Collaborative (LMC) revolutionizes Latino journalism through advocacy, capacity building, and impactful local news. Under dynamic leadership, LMC addresses coverage gaps, supports Latino journalists, and fosters innovation to ensure equitable, inclusive media representation and democratic discourse in California's Latino communities.

The Latino Media Collaborative (LMC) stands at the forefront of a critical movement aimed at revolutionizing Latino journalism and media. Under the dynamic leadership of President Arturo Carmona, Esperanza Guevara, Managing Director, and Martin Albornoz, General Manager of CALÓ News, this relatively young organization is steadfastly committed to advocacy, capacity building, and producing impactful local news content. By addressing the persistent gaps in coverage and strengthening the media ecosystem for Latino communities, LMC is not only enhancing the quality of journalism but also empowering voices that have long been marginalized.

A Crucial Mission in Troubled Times

In recent decades, the Latino media community has faced significant challenges. From the inequitable distribution of resources to the widespread closure of newspapers, the industry has been in a state of decline. In California alone, about one-quarter of newspapers have shut down over the past 15 years. The situation has been exacerbated by massive layoffs in major newsrooms, disproportionately affecting journalists of color, including Latinos.

The crisis reached a new low in January when the Los Angeles Times announced the layoff of 115 employees, significantly impacting young Latino journalists who were among the most recent hires. Similarly, less publicized but equally devastating layoffs have occurred at La Opinión and other key Latino media outlets, further eroding the local journalism landscape.

The Latino Media Collaborative recognizes the critical role of ethnic media outlets in our region’s rich multilingual and multicultural community. With Latinos making up 40% of California’s population and a virtual majority in Los Angeles County and Los Angeles City, the dire situation in local journalism poses a significant threat to democratic discourse and community representation.

Training Programs: Building Stronger Journalistic Enterprises

Central to LMC’s mission is its capacity building model for media outlets and journalists to thrive in the rapidly evolving media landscape. Original news reporting has been facing tremendous economic, political, and systemic pressure that both threatens its future and offers great opportunities for innovation. During this time of change and challenge led by a massive loss of ad revenue that’s shifting the industry to focus on large digital behemoths, newspapers and traditional news reporting organizations have been shrinking, changing in ownership, or simply shutting their doors across the nation. 

Our program is tailored to foster innovation - from expanding online news platforms to growing digital audiences to various for-profit/nonprofit model hybrids, among other new avenues to innovate and strengthen business models. Through community listening sessions, audience surveys, and partner engagement, we aim to create a robust framework for Latino news outlets to connect with their communities and report on issues that matter most. 

For example, in collaboration with the SELA Collaborative, we are working to establish a bureau of dedicated reporting staff and capacity to develop daily news content for Southeast Los Angeles, an area historically neglected by mainstream journalism. Our aim is to ensure comprehensive coverage of the region’s most pressing issues, from the inspiring and beautiful to the challenging and contentious, through a cohort of journalists with a deep understanding of local dynamics and a hands-on approach to journalism.

Advocacy and Policy Initiatives: A Multifaceted Approach

Beyond training, LMC is deeply involved in advocacy and policy initiatives aimed at securing sustainable funding and support for Latino and ethnic media. The organization has played a pivotal role in several government and philanthropic initiatives designed to protect and enhance journalism.

One of the significant legislative efforts involves enacting New York City-modeled legislation to ensure that at least 50% of state advertising and marketing funding goes to ethnic and community media. This initiative is crucial in creating a more equitable distribution of resources and ensuring that Latino media outlets receive their fair share of funding.

Philanthropy and Community Support: Driving Change

The Latino Media Collaborative is also working closely with philanthropic organizations to drive change. These philanthropic efforts are critical in addressing the financial challenges faced by local news outlets and ensuring that they can continue to provide vital services to their communities. The collaboration between government, philanthropy, and the private sector is essential in building a robust and resilient media landscape that serves all segments of the population.

A Vision for the Future

As LMC navigates the challenges and opportunities of the current media environment, it remains focused on its vision of a more equitable, inclusive, and impactful media ecosystem. The organization is dedicated to innovating towards a new inclusive future, designing solutions that cover gaps and create a thriving local news sector.

The upcoming months will be crucial in determining the direction of Latino journalism in Los Angeles and beyond. With key decisions to be made in both Los Angeles and Sacramento, LMC is poised to influence outcomes that will shape the industry for years to come.

The Latino Media Collaborative invites all stakeholders to join in this journey. By working hand in hand, we can fight for journalism and achieve a media ecosystem that meets the diverse needs of our communities. LMC’s efforts are a testament to the power of collective action and the importance of advocating for a more inclusive and representative media landscape.


The Latino Media Collaborative is not just an organization; it is a movement dedicated to transforming Latino journalism. Through its advocacy, training programs, and collaborative initiatives, LMC is making significant strides in ensuring that Latino voices are heard and represented. This is the time to lead. This is the time to fight for journalism. And with LMC and partners at the helm, we have high hopes for the future of Latino journalism.

About Latino Media Collaborative

The Latino Media Collaborative leverages the power of ethnic and community news media to impact policy, change narratives, and promote civic engagement, while simultaneously supporting the advancement of the sector through capacity building, research, and advocacy.

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