November Issue 2017

Hispanic Hiring Institutions


In this issue of Hispanic Outlook we:

Shine a Spotlight On: Diversity at SUNY’s ALANA student leadership conference, which has become an annual tradition at the Oswego campus

SHow how Money Matters at Georgia State University where micro grants are keeping students enrolled and graduating

• Continue Targeting Higher Education as we evaluate the status of Hispanic education – are we progressing or lagging behind?

• Visit Scholars Corner as a participant of the AAHHE conference explains the benefits of their various programs

• Give Honors and Ovations to Hispanic Hiring Institutions that promote enrollment and retention of Hispanic students

• Explore the Arkansas College Works as it seeks to Inspire Hispanic student excellence

• Begin the conversation with our feature Let’s Discuss: -- this month’s topic is DACA which was ended recently and is impacting young immigrants in medical studies, for one

• Detail Career Tips and Trends and explain why Latinos are stuck in middle-wage tier of the labor market

• Hear from Faculty Voices in a new feature presented by AAHHE

• Check in at the School Library as we feature the works of the late Francisco X. Alarcón and take a look at titles from university presses across the country

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