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Dr. Charles L. Flynn, Jr.

Nikki Arora


College of Mount Saint Vincent Shows Skill in Graduating Hispanics
by Gary M. Stern
A private college in the Bronx, which often falls under the radar screen of higher profile universities in the New York City area, is succeeding with Latino students, particularly those who major in the sciences. The College of Mount Saint Vincent is rated in the top 10 of Hispanic-Serving Institutions for graduating Latinos and has the highest graduation rate in the country for Hispanic students majoring in the sciences. click here

Stepping it Up for Minority Women in IT Careers
by Michelle Adam
For years, Nikki Arora, corporate marketing officer of UST Global, would hear corporations talk about equality and diversity in the workforce, yet the dismal figures for women, let alone minority women, in the IT workforce remained the same. According to Arora, less than 2 percent of women make it into the IT workforce, despite the fact that about 12 percent graduate with IT degrees. click here

Upward Bound: Success Spans 50 Years and Beyond
by Sylvia Mendoza
Dr. Rashida Vassell remembers coming from Jamaica at the age of 9, her dream of becoming a doctor already deeply engrained in her heart and mind. Her family Ė father, mother, seven siblings Ė settled in the Bronx and into school, dedicated to education. However, they had no idea how to pursue the dream and make it a reality.

Latina Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen Canít Be Stereotyped on Issues
by Margaret Sands Orchowski
Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen was the first Latina ever to be elected to Congress in the history of the United States. But she didnít know it at the time. TV anchor Katie Couric told her the news, when in 1988 she first took the oath of office.

Expanding Study Abroad for Minority Students
by Frank DiMaria
Tajee Anderson, a psychology major at Kent State University, had always dreamed of studying abroad. Raised in a single parent, low-income home, Anderson never had the chance to travel overseas as a child and worked hard in high school to earn the necessary scholarships and additional financial aid she needed to attend a university.

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