Gustavo A. Mellander

Dr. Mellander was a university dean for 15 years and a college president for 20.

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Hispanic Community April 2024 Premium

First in the Family

First generation students still face challenges to succeed in college; however, there are more opportunities than ever and support programs, such as financial aid, and campus resources to address academic, financial, and social obstacles.

Health Care February 2024 Premium

Drug Abuse and Education

According to a recent Rand study, there is a direct correlation between drug abuse and educational achievement. The less education one acquires, the more dismal the consequences. It is yet another story to be shared among Hispanics. 

Hispanic Community December 2023 Premium

Why did the Supreme Court Exempt Military Academies?

The Supreme Court’s decision barring the use of race in college admissions triggered a nationwide decline in minority enrollments. However, a footnote exempts military academies, citing “potentially distinct interests” crucial for national security. The Department of Defense has argued that diversity is vital for a strong, effective military, although critics question the exemption’s rationale.

Hispanic Community September 2023 Premium

What the Census Tells Us

Gustavo A. Mellander explores the historical context of censuses from ancient Babylon to modern U.S. practices. It discusses recent research on young Hispanic educational achievements, challenges, and the need for innovative strategies to support underserved populations in higher education.

Hispanic Community March 2023 Premium

Hispanic Women

Although Latinas still remain underrepresented in STEM and education positions when compared to the U.S. population, their progress is encouraging and they are likely to play a significant role in the future of Hispanic influence in America.