Trends in International Education: Latin American Students in the United States

Despite challenges, international students not only enrich campus diversity but also help the U.S. growth with economic, social, and cultural contributions. The following lines discuss the growth and recovery, major contributing countries, and potential shifts in Latin American student demographics, academic preferences, and economic impact.

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Hispanic Community September 2023 Premium

Embracing Cultural Pride: Empowering Hispanic Futures in Higher Education

Dr. Godinez explores the intertwining of Hispanic heritage and the Back-to-School experience, highlighting cultural pride, educational challenges, and empowering futures. It emphasizes how cultural pride shapes identity, addresses educational obstacles, and empowers Hispanic students to advocate for their community and future generations through higher education



Administration February 2024 Premium

Rising Number of International Students: A Boon for US Colleges

US colleges have seen an increase in international student enrollment after a decrease during the pandemic. Due to the global recognition of the US as an education destination, many choose it to pursue their higher education studies. These individuals, who face additional challenges such as financial concerns and limited work opportunities, bring diverse perspectives that benefit their institutions as well as the American students they study with.   

Hispanic Community February 2024 Premium

The Forum on Education Abroad: Bringing Meaningful Education Abroad Opportunities to All Students

Guided by the Standards of Good Practice, The Forum on Education Abroad focuses on equity, diversity, and inclusion by promoting the development of culturally relevant study abroad programming through publications, courses, and events involving the expertise and perspectives of international educators across the sector. The Forum also encourages partnerships with in-country colleagues, aiming for mutually beneficial and culturally respectful education abroad experiences.  

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Financing January 2024

Empowering Futures: The Impact of Chico State on Hispanic/Latino Graduate Students

Recognized by Excelencia in Education in 2023, California State University, Chico or Chico State’s Graduate Equity Fellowship Program has empowered Hispanic/Latino graduate students by addressing academic, cultural, and financial barriers. The program has significantly increased the number of Latino students attaining advanced degrees and pursuing rewarding professional careers, contributing to a more equitable future.

Technology January 2024

Transformation is the Key at Northern New Mexico College

Hector Balderas, President of Northern New Mexico College, shares his inspiring journey from poverty to success. As Attorney General, he prioritized family and victim empowerment. Now, as college president, he aims to transform the institution, emphasizing student support and cultural richness for nationwide appeal.  

Administration January 2024

News From Washington January 2024

 It is anticipated that the year 2024 will bring disconcerting developments, particularly in Congress, focusing on the November presidential election, the influence of the monolithic Latino Vote, student loans, hate speech on campuses, and immigration decisions affecting Dreamers. The exclusion of Dreamers from immigration measures and the considerations for immigration reform in 2024 will likely play a significant role in the political landscape of the upcoming year.

Hispanic Community January 2024

Un buen profesor

What makes a teacher memorable? What is worth being taught? The author recalls one of his professors who emphasized the value of art and timeless knowledge and underscores the importance of teaching what makes people more humane, transcending current ideologies.  

Administration January 2024

Enhancing “Servingness”: Principles to Support a Graduate Studies Going Culture among Latinos

Despite the notable growth of Latina/o/x/e students completing graduate and professional studies, there are still challenges that need to be addressed. In order to promote positive outcomes regarding Latina/o/x/e student success in graduate studies, Drs Rodríguez and Núñez emphasize the importance of "servingness" in Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs) and suggest principles to support a graduate college-going culture.  

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