Establishing a reliable diversity advertising venue for your clients is complicated and difficult. There are many venues that claim to offer diversity but read the fine print. Are the numbers they are touting from the right age demographic? Can they deliver the biggest and fastest growing diversity demographic or are they merely promising a broad-spectrum diversity solution to their needs that treats all diverse demographics with equal weight? The broad-spectrum approach dilutes their impact on the most impactful group they are trying to reach. Do you trust a single job board with little or no track record to deliver candidates for your clients’ job openings or wouldn’t you rather strengthen your strategic partnership with a true higher education publisher like The Hispanic Outlook on Education, whichexclusively delivers the most powerful and sought-after demographic in today’s workforce – the Hispanic professional – and has been doing so for more than 27 years. Add to that the fact that HO has a vibrant fully integrated social media network and community, a news driven website and regular e-newsletter outreach to our publishing base, and there is no reason to go anywhere else to fulfill your client’s hiring needs. 


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