October 2019 Issue

Presidents' Issue


October 2019 Issue

President’s Issue

In this issue we 

spotlight leadership with an exclusive interview with CUNY’s first Latino Chancellor and an original article about the President/CEO Of California Commission On Economic Education.  We also are featuring the new president of Estrella Mountain Community College and HACU’s new Inaugural Presidential Leadership Academy, La Academia de Liderazgo. 

honor Hispanic-Serving Institutions

explore how California letting college athletes sign endorsement deals could change the face of athletics in higher education

learn more about the impact of AAHHE in the latest Faculty Voices and Finding My way: A Latinx’ Self-Reflection columns

discuss in our Physician Outlook supplement sports and medicine, including how something being FDA Approved is very different than it being FDA Cleared, how medical implants can improve health, ways to prevent sports injury and death, and how pursuing athletics scholarships can be dangerous.  We also are featuring our latest Inspiring and Aspiring medical student, Antonio Garcia, as well as a book review of “China Rx: Exposing the Risks of America’s Dependence on China for Medicine.”

peruse titles from Piñata Books, as well as from The University of North Carolina Press

Table of Content

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The Power Of Not Being Alone

Written by Amanda Morales Assistant Professor Teaching, Learning & Teacher Education College of Education and Human Sciences University of Nebraska-Lincoln

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The Health And Safety Of Student Athletes

Asurvey of college and university athletic trainers shows that 51.73% of their collegiate-level sports programs follow the NCAA-legislated independent medical model of care. In addition, 76.26% of respondents feel they have medical autonomy—the unchallengeable authority to determine medical management of athletes.

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Preventing Sports Injury And Death

National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) has released though its scientific publication, The Journal of Athletic Training “Preventing Catastrophic Injury and Death in Collegiate Athletes: Interassociation Recommendations Endorsed by 13 Medical and Sports Medicine Organizations.”