October 2020 Issue

Top 100 Schools For Hispanics


Career (and Life) Counseling -- There’s Nothing Minor About Minors 

AAHHE Presents: Faculty Voices -- Sustaining Spaces For Latinx Scholars 

Finding My Way: A Latinx’ Self-Reflection -- Finding Comunidad; Connecting With Scholars 

Honors and Ovations -- Top 100 Schools For Hispanics 

The Hispanic P.O.V. -- My Dream And My Postsecondary Education 

Let’s Discuss: Internships -- Hispanics Denied Key Path To Jobs, Do Internships Really Lead To Higher Salaries? 

Uncensored -- 2020 Snapshot: Pre-Election Washington 

School Library -- This month: books about Día de los Muertos; plus, we’re featuring the University of Utah Press

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Hispanic Community October 2020 Premium

Sustaining Spaces For Latinx Scholars

Written by Magdalena Martinez, Ph.D. Assistant Professor School of Public Policy and Leadership Greenspun College of Urban Affairs Director, Education Programs, The Lincy Institute University of Nevada, Las Vegas