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H.O. TOP 50 Community Colleges for Hispanics



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Universal Technical Institute: Career Readiness through Accelerated Programs 

First in the Family


East Los Angeles College: Fostering Racial Equity and Social Justice in Education


From Vision to Success: Western Technical College’s Fifty-year Journey





Another suggestion: Saludos desde Sacramento, California! Fostering Latino/a Success at American River College





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The Hispanic Community


El turno del ofendido



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Sembrando STEM Semillas: The Transformative Impact of Latinx Faculty-Student Relationships at Community Colleges



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Honoring Pachamama



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This month featuring books on Latino/a Success in College from Amazon


This month featuring books on Issues in Latino/a Studies from University of Illinois Press

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Administration April 2024

Top 50 Community Colleges for Hispanics

Each year, Hispanic Outlook recognizes the invaluable support that community colleges across the country offer to Hispanic/Latino students, as part of their mission to provide opportunities to students from the widest spectrum of American society – particularly those who are better served by local, flexible course schedules, affordable fees and practical, career- oriented pathways. 

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Universal Technical Institute: Career Readiness through Accelerated Programs

At Universal Technical Institute and Concorde Career Colleges, students are encouraged to explore alternative pathways in higher education, and consider one-year programs in transportation, energy, skilled trades, dental, and healthcare professions. UTI, Inc. is committed to provide hands-on experience and industry connections, offering accelerated programs catering to career readiness and advancement.

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First in the Family

First generation students still face challenges to succeed in college; however, there are more opportunities than ever and support programs, such as financial aid, and campus resources to address academic, financial, and social obstacles.

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News From Washington

The resurgence of SATs in college admissions signifies a shift from their previous criticism to acceptance, driven by claims of predictability for minority students' success. However, debates persist over educational equity. Meanwhile, Hispanic political representation grows, with diverse views shaping the electorate, potentially influencing the 2024 election landscape.

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El turno del ofendido

 In light of the increasing hypersensitivity to offense in universities today, exemplified by instances like mispronouncing names or assuming ethnic stereotypes, it becomes crucial to counterbalance this trend by, for instance, addressing the normalization of oppression in certain contexts. The author illustrates this concern with the example of the Spanish textbook ‘Experiencias,’ published by Wiley, which minimizes oppression, thereby hindering empathy and posing threats to democracy and human rights.

Technology April 2024 Premium

Sembrando STEM Semillas: The Transformative Impact of Latinx Faculty-Student Relationships at Community Colleges

Latinx students at community colleges benefit greatly from the presence of Latinx STEM faculty who understand their experiences, providing mentorship and creating empowering environments. These interactions foster a sense of belonging, break stereotypes, and pave the way for success in STEM fields, highlighting the crucial role of community colleges in Latinx STEM education.

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Honoring Pachamama

As April, Earth Month, unfolds, it heralds a significant occasion for global consciousness and renews our commitment to our planet. 

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New Leaders April 2024

At H.O. we congratulate new education leaders that have embarked on the challenging but very rewarding journey of education leadership.